I bought a pair of black women's clogs earlier this year hoping they'd both look nice and not make me roll my ankles like my men's dress shoes do. I've been happy with them from day one. They get tight when I wear socks (I sit so much at work my feet and ankles swell), but black tights fix that problem (and helps the swelling). They have a slight wedge to them, and they're very comfortable.

I finally gave in to my curiosity and added black leather ankle boots for work a couple of days ago. They have taller heels than my clogs and have zippers. I'm still adjusting to stairs with them, but otherwise I'm walking normal and not rolling ankles. I love how they fit and feel.

Now to decide which ones to keep using for work...
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be safe be happy and be healthy

Keep both. It's nice to have the choice of what to wear. I wore ankle boots where I used to work (office).