Wool Lover of Feminine Garments

I am a crossdresser who is very much turned on by pretty feminine sweaters and cardigans.

A pretty soft pink angora twin set is my favorite fantasy. Wearing a twin set gets me so excited that I have to really work at not "coming too quickly.

Unlike most crossdressers that I read about, I am absolutely hetrosexual. Women turn me on. Guys do not.

My hope is that I will meet the gal that understands my fetish and is willing to go along with it.

So quite naturally I am very attracted to girls who wear soft and pretty sweaters.

Is there anyone else out there with my crazy desires?

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20 Responses Sep 22, 2008

Like you, the feeling of wearing soft fluffy sweaters is so wonderful. Love cold days when I can dress in beautiful sweaters and can go out wearing a fluffy sweater under my coat, pink especially.

I love wearing ladies knitwear! I Love wearing my wifes jumperdress and cardigans. God it feels so nice!

I to love wearing cardigans and love to see ladies wearing them and I also would love for a lady to dress me in cardies

Like you I love to crossdress and love women and am hetrosexual, have no interest in men. Wearing soft sweaters is heaven. Wearing pink bra and panties, a pink and black mohair sweater with tight sleeves to the elbow and balloons out to the shoulder, white mohair skirt, and fluffy white hat and scarf. I am feeling so gurly, so warm and snuggly in my fluffy heaven. My clitty gets so hard when I dress up. Have bought fluffy sweaters for my wife and tried to get her to wear them when we made love, she took it off and I put it on which made me *** so much. She is not keen to do it again. I dream of having a fluffy playmate, wish she was kneeling between my legs so I could wrap my fluffy skirt around her, and we could pleasure eachother in out fluffy sweaters

Cardigans are just so pretty I want to wear one every day and night got to be buttoned to the neck

Yes! Not such a crazy desire! It's actually a lot of fun as you know! Have faith, I met a wonderful woman 4 years ago, she now loves to dress me up in lingerie and sweaters, even ties me to the bed and tickles me while I am wearing them. I'm sure you will meet someone who will be there for you! I am also hetero, there must only be 5-10 percent of sweater wearers like us that aren't gay.

I am with you on that, i love them as well.

I have tried the same with my wife, but she is not that keen to dress up. It feels so nice to caress her breasts when she has a mohair sweater on, makes me so hard i want to play forever

I have long been attracted to angora when in high school I would try to brush up or touch a angora sweater any time I could .I would also go to the department stors and look and touch sweaters in angora any time I could I even bought a few and loved to wear them whenever alone and of course I would have to ********** after I got married the first time I bought my wife many angora sweaters and sweater dresses when she was out I would try them all on and get vary horney although she liked me wearing womens panties she had no intrest in playing in angora although she ha a black 75% angora turtal neck made for me.WE divorced and about 5 years went by and I meet and married my current wife well she loves me in panties and will wear angora to bed or have me wear angora to bed she even gives me angora hand jobs but I am careful not to *** in them as they are hard to keep clean

Well, sure Prettypink and all others. I am a closet crossdresser. I especially have a gray wool skirt fetish and enjoy gray wool coats, mohair, too. Seeing a woman in a camel hair polo coat or trench coat can drive me to fantasize. I've had these feelings even before puberty. I have gotten over feeling guilty. If my wife wears her gray wool flannel skirt, I think she knows we will have sex this night.<br />
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dressed in mohair top to toe putting on a huge yellow wool coat with a collar that comes up iver my head soo snuggly inside feels so nice

Hi Jem1,<br />
I also really like the old-fashioned hand-knitted kind of cardigan. Round neck and shiny buttons. I will have a big artexibition soon including a few hundred of this kind of cardigans in a little shop kind of thing. I wonder if I get any customers...

I would be their for sure just love cardigans buttoned to the neck love wearing them

I have always had fetish for women's cardigans, ever since I was a little boy. When I was at primary school I was lucky enough to know a group of girls who liked dressing me in them as well as the rest of the girls school uniform. Just seeing the word cardigan turns me on. I particularly like the old-fashioned hand-knitted kind of cardigan.

I am also a closet crossdresser who loves mohair sweaters of all kinds. I agree that it is wonderful to have the feeling that you are not alone.

I have had a very strong passion for feminine, girly cardigans. It used to be my biggest secret, now I wear them all the time.<br />
Here's a place where we meet http://www.flickr.com/groups/424836@N22/<br />
And here's my own gallery http://www.flickr.com/photos/33538801@N00/<br />
Please join and leave some comments if you like.<br />
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I'm wearing a big long and soft brightred mohair roundneck cardigan with shiny buttons at the moment, with on top of that a thinner black roundneck cardigan.

Hi what material is it angora or maybe cashmere?<br />

im also a crossdresser with a cardigan fetish been wearing them since i was 12 i get really turned on wearing ones with lots of buttons i now have over 30 as i write im wearing a round neck 12 button pink one

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Hi well I am 61 now and I have been into soft sweaters since I was 8 raised by my grandmother. I would take a sweater to bed with me to cuddle up to. That is what started it all for me. During public school it was easy to tell what sweaters were different girls favorite. Then with all the cigarette and alcohol commercials in the 50's and 60's it gave me a extremely good idea of how sexy women were in knits and I would create my own fantasies to ********** with. It was around 11 when I would start ************ and I used an old fur collar and a mohair scarf and *********** for the first time after that i was hooked on any thing that was soft.

My fetish started when I was about 14, my mom had an outfit i had to put on when she was out, red mohair sweater and hat, red wool tights, check red woollen skirt and big soft red overcoat. I had my first ************ experience in that outfit, soiling an orange mohair vest i had wrapped my penis in. I love to cross dress with a padded out bra and big fluffy mohair sweaters and **********. Dream about lots of play with lady all dressed up in fluffy mohar. Have tried to intoduce fluffy sweaters into sex play with my wife but she is not that keen. Would like to find a big fluffy mohair sweaterdress cd in. Love to talk to lady who get turned on by fluffy sweaters.

Hi mohairfluffy, my fetish Started when I was about 6 or 7. Started with my mom's sweaters , bras, panties ,and Nightgowns. I have over 500 sweaters. Like crossdressing. I am Bi. Love crossdressing with another guy. i have a Mohair catsuit, and a Mohair stumble dress that ties at the large cowelneck, arms, and at the bottom of the dress. Both made by Lady Mohair. E-mail me at lovesoftangora@yahoo.com Would Love to talk more about our Love for sweaters, and crossdressing.

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I am a crossdresser as well and it is always good to meet someone with the same fetish , I have always loved wearing angora it is so sensual to wear and the twin set is so devine<br />
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