Playing Sports Wearing a Ladies Cardigan

I have always wanted to play volleyball with some ladies while wearing both a skirt and a ladies cardigan

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I have done a similar thing years ago with consequences. While I was an apprentice I was put on a job at a large house in the countryside. While the people that owned the house were away on holiday they would each year have us in painting various places within the house. Because of the amount of work the company had on this particular year I was put there on my own. A caretaker sort of gardener kind of man would open up and check the house every morning. He would stay for about an hour or two then leave coming back at the end of the day to lock up. The house had its own tennis courts within the grounds but away from the house at the foot of the huge secluded gardens. Various twisting pathways led to it through the trees. I was in one of the bedrooms painting it and I realised it was the eldest teenage daughters bedroom. I was getting on with the job and worked away then as you do being a teenage boy had a little look through her drawers and wardrobe. In her drawers I found a white satin bra and knickers set. The look and feel of the satin was nice and I was becoming turned on by this and I realized I was becoming hard. I moved on to her wardrobe where in amongst her dresses and skirts I found a short white tennis skirt. It was pleated all round except at the front where it had a flat panel with 9 buttons down either side of it. Next to it in the wardrobe was a white cardigan. My mind was by this time running riot. I was very turned on by my find. I put them all back to where they were and continued painting her room. In my mind I was imagining me puting them on. I looked out the window and could see the tennis court through the trees. It become all to much and I began to undress. I fastened the satin bra around me and pulled on the satin pants. Looking in the mirror I become even more turned on. there was no way back I was feeling good. Over to the wardrobe and pulled out the tennis skirt and cardigan. I wrapped the skirt around my waist and did up the buttons. Oh did I feel good. I put on the white cardigan buttoning all of its ten fisheye type buttons fully to the neck. I stuffed the bra and looked in the mirror... This feeling had to last.. I went for a walk around the house looking at myself in various mirrors I passed dressed in this sexy outfit. Giving myself the occasional rub I continued out of the door and down the path that lead to the tennis courts. The feel of the gentle summer breeze going up my skirt was awesome. At one end of court was a hut. Inside the hut were some tennis raquets and balls. I took a raquet and a ball and went out onto the court and started bating the ball about hitting it of the surrounding fence. I was still very hard and by this time very aroused. The feel of the skirts hem rubbing on my legs, the feel of the tight satin bra and the sight of the buttoned cardigan that was on me when I looked down was incredible. I put the bat and the ball back in the hut and headed back up towards the house still looking down at myself and feeling turned on.. I glanced up as I approached the house and to my horror there was the gardener. Me in the tennis outfit and noticibly very hard under the skirt. I was caught. The thoughts and the fear and what I can only think was adrenalin that rushed through me was immense. He shouted come over here. He stood by the outhouse where he kept his tools. I walked over towards him. "Terrified" Well Well Well pretty boy he said. Now then what should I do with you then. Take you down to the police and let them see you or tell Mr and Mrs Smith and there daughters what you have been up to while they were on there holidays. I just stood and begged him not to. Please no. I will do anything. just dont tell anyone "please" .... Probably the worst thing I could have said.... He said slowly. You....will.... do.... anything!. Well lets see. Ok lets go back up to Mandys room (daughter) We went up to the room where he went into a drawer and brought out some makeup. I want you to put this on little girl he said to me. I sat in front of the mirror shaking and putting on the makeup as best i could. I turned round and said is this ok. He said thats nice little boy, Now let me make it clear to you. No one will find out what you were doing if you do as I tell you. I was terrified. Young and nieve. He went on Now then come over here and kneel infront of me. I by this time knew what he had in store for me. He unzipped his trousers and pulled out his hard **** and said put this in your mouth. I said oh no please i cant.. He said well you know what I will do if you dont. I knew he meant it. I took hold of his **** and put it into my mouth. He said thats nice little girl now suck it. I tightened my lips around his very hard **** and began sucking. He was contantly saying thing like "little girl" and pull up you skirt girl I want to see your panties. He was groaning as I sucked him. Very good little girl. then all of a sudden he pulled his **** from my mouth and said. I know what you need to make you proper little girl. He went over to the dressing table and picked up a bottle of skin cream. He pushed me onto the bed and pulled off the panties then rubbed some of the cream around and into my bum. he rubbed some onto his hard **** and said. You want to be a girl, I am going to make you a girl. I begged him not to. pleading with him. Overpowering me got hold of me and pushed my legs upwards. He said you look so sweet in your skirt and cardigan little girl at that I could feel him pushing his hardcock into me. I let out a scream. He put one hand over my mouth and continued pushing in and out of me. It was sore and I was terrified. I felt so humiliated. Knowing how I was dressed and knowing what was happening to me. And there was not a lot I could do about it. The thought of the boss of the company I worked for or the people that owned the house finding out what I had done was unthinkable. This guy was in control and was using me and I just had to let him. He continued doing what he was doing but started to rub me at the same time. How I dont know but I was becoming erect again and feeling aroused as he pushed and pulled in and out of me. The pain was becoming less and strangely what he was doing to me was adding to the whole turn on thing that I had started when I discovered the cardigan and skirt in the wardrobe. He rubbed my hard **** as he plunged in and out of me saying you are liking this arent you little girl. Its our secret. I thought. your raping me. But I was also thinking. How much I was turned on by it. I could feel this incredible feeling building up. Inside my bum was tingling. Everything around my hole area was tingling He was no longer rubbing my **** but it felt like he was. I felt wetness on my stomach and looked down and I was dripping hotcum onto myself yet the feeling continued to rise. Again moments later I could see myself ousing ***** over myself again. He said you are liking this little girl. You are such a little cumslut. Your my little cumslut. At that he started to really pump his hardcock into me. I was thinking is this how a girl feels when being fuked. He was starting to shudder as he thrust in and out of me and I knew that he wouldnt be long and he wasnt. I watched as he thrust his hard **** into me and I felt his hot *** burst inside me. It seemed like it was lasting for ages. Him pumping and pumping his *** into me as I lay there drained.When he was finished he said. Your very very good girl. I said, so thats the end of it then. You wont tell anyone. He said, I wont say anything about what we have just done. Or rather what you think we have just done. But I might tell someone about you dressing up in the skirt and cardigan. He went on. while you work here. I want you to be dressed in Mandys clothes. You seem to fit into them nicely. I will be here every day from now on and you will always do as you are told. You will wear what I tell you. Your my little girl. I will phone your boss and tell him I need you to do extra work here. I didnt know what to think. It kind of scared me yet I was turning me on the thought of what was only the begining.The next day he was waiting for me to arrive. He opened up the house and said go to Mandys room. i went up the stairs and he followed. Get undressed he ordered. I did. He then went into the wardrobe and brought out a short leather skirt. He opened a bag that he had with him and brought out a pair of black fishnet stockings. Put these on girl and find a pair of heels that fit you. Mandys shoes didnt fit. But Mrs Smiths knee high black patent boots did. I was becoming very aroused again. He stood in front of me and took some time to put makeup on me and put it on quite heavy.. lots of black around my eyes and a sort of purpleypink colour of lipstick. While he was doing so he made me rub his ****. When he had finished putting the makeup on he said look in the mirror girl. tell me what you see. I said I see me dressed up leather skirt. boots fishnet stockings and the same cardi as yesterday. he said but what do you see. I shrugged and said not sure. He said. You see my little slave. I wiil be going away for a while but will be back soon. Now get to work and dont get paint on any of the clothes. I worked away but was feeling very horny and wondering if what happened the day before would happen again. It wasnt long until I heard him coming back into the house. about half an hour later he shouted. Come down here girl. I went down the stair and there he was. Dressed head to toe in black pvc. Boots. skirt. blouse. wig and all madeup. He looked so sexy. He said today you do to me what I did to you yesterday. I did my best. But it ended up with him almost raping me again.........

That sounds quite familiar.

I would like to hear!

You would like to hear...........?