Cardigan Training.

When I was a boy, I spent a lot of time staying with my.  My Nan was an extremely loving and affectionate woman , and I was always being cuddled and held against her lovely old-fashioned knitted cardigans.  Nan noticed that I loved this, and let me wear her cardies.  As a  result, I associated women's wool cardigans with pleasure.  Later, while I was at primary school,  a couple of teachers there found out about this and enjoyed dressing me in knitted cardigans.  I also had experiences in which I was dressed in the girls school uniform, which included a lovely knitted navy-blue cardigan. 

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That's so sweet, the fact that even your teachers at primary school would dress you in their cardigans, but reading some of your other stories I wonder how innocent it was. Still, it's a nice memory to have, and I'm sure you enjoyed the experience, as much as it shaped the course of your life.

You have been very fortunate to have had such a sympathetic environment to grow up in. I come from a wealthy but puritan upper middle class background where any form of deviance from the "norm" carried very considerable personal risks particularly where my father was concerned.<br />
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However I left home at 16 and lived on and off in London until I moved out to Colchester some 8 years ago. I seldom tell anyone about my ladies cardigan fetish least of all at any transvestite gathering but sometimes at Gay Pride events which I occasionally attend despite the fact I am not a gay person. <br />
I also love netball, volleyball and female soccer. Over the years I have been to volleyball classes and casual games and on rare occasions have seen a lady pla<x>yer turn up wearing a cardigan.

Sounds really interesting! My dream is something like this...