I was at my friends house and i fell in her pool and she insisted i put on some dry clothes. I was freezing so i couldnt argue. I went to Her bathroom and sat waiting for the clothes. She is a real girly girl And shes smaller then me but not by much. She came in was like im so sorry but i swear I wont tell anyone she handed A red gstring with a bow on it and thr front was rainbowed striped down the front. Then she handed me VS PINK yoga pants which felt fantastic the waistband was blue with white polka dots. It felt so comfy and it was great then she handed me a pink Hollister tshirt tight m neck with ruffles down the chest. I diddnt want to admit it to her but i really loved it i still have the outfit because i went home wearing them and i now wear the outfit anytime im alone and when im at the mall i know buy yoga pants and tank tops from VS PINK and hollister. If you like my story Comment with your stories and ill post other stories like how i webt swimming in a bikini.
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I love love love wearing my yoga pants with a nice gstring under them, and my bombshell bra from VS. There's no better feeling!

I love wearing pants and panties whenever possible! That's my standard attire when I'm at home. Mine are UnderArmour brand, so so tight and stretchy!

That sounds hot to me. My wife wears Leggings a lot and they look really great on her.i've never tried them on though. I think I would split them I am about a foot taller than her.

Buy some for yourself.

Lucky you found a girl like that im straight and love vs gstrings thier yoga pants and ther tanktops,hoodies and i cant stop wanting to wear them lol

I'd love to hear about your bikini swim

any pictures of this outfit on you?

O yeah we go shopping constantly now

So has this girl tried to get you to crossdress again? She must have given you those particular items intentionally. Especially the g-string.

I do have a story of her catching me wearing the g atring again at her house.

Tell the story please!

That would be great to have a girl that knew your secret and encouraged it. I would be showing her every chance I got!