How I Discovered My Love Of Pantyhose

I grew up in northern Ontario Canada and played hockey. And back then we didn't have all the under armour and Lycra that we have now,and long johns were to heavy under all that gear. So one of the other mom's suggested to my mom try pantyhose. At this point I should mention that those rinks could get real cold so we would try anything for warmth lol. So my mom got me a pair of nude/tan pantyhose. As game day arrived I put most of my gear on at home to save time. And thank god I did. After a quick verbal instructions on how to put them on I went to my room to get ready. First put on my jock strap, then started to pull on the pantyhose and wow the silky feeling and the shine was such a turn on my head was spinning! And the arousal was so intense . And the erection was so hot and forcefull it was pushing my jock out! I had to ********** and the ****** that followed was amazing! That is how I discovered my love of pantyhose and the rest as they say is history
johnnyphlover johnnyphlover
46-50, M
Jan 15, 2013