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I thought all of us pantyhose wearers might benefit from a frank disclosure of an oft neglected facet of wearing. While I would be the first to advocate the advantages of adding hosiery to your sex life with or without a partener; there is a less seedy side to pantyhose wearing. In my beginning I only put them on to get off,then they came off. As I got older I took notice that they gave my legs the toned appearance of my youth. Admittedly only a benefit within my home, I really didnt think people would say, my he has nice legs. In addition I found that the support hose that I had grown so fond of' because of the shine, and better to rub off with, actually helped my knees. I had dislocated both knee-caps several times, starting on the last day of middle school. The heavy elastic knee supports were neccesary and effective when worn during competitive exercise, but literally painfull to wear on a regular basis. Which was when I dislocated my knees the most. Twisting a knee on ice, simply just turning a corner to fast when walking, or just twisting my foot to put on a shoe. My knee-caps just wanted to jump out unless something held them down. Support hose did that, provided I didnt get horny as I put them on, and beat-off. While it still happened all to often, I managed to start putting off my desires until the end of the day. Key point here relative to woman as well as men. I dont think women as a rule get horny wearing hosiery like men. I realize there are exceptions, but the feel of the material is like an all day hand-job for men, not so much for women. I think this is why so my men have come to embrace wearing hosiery. I have got to admit if I get off soon after I put my hose on, Im not as interested in wearing them further. Thus I then begin to understand womens disdain for wearing them beyond the sheer vanity of just wearing them to look better. Now women have convinced themselves they look better without them. My only explanation for this is, reenforced with the elimiation of discomfort, woman think that since the **** is now more accessable they are now more desireable. That thought would seem counter-productive to what I think women want. To attract a man that does'nt have the patience to wait for the pantyhose to come off. I thought women liked foreplay, or did that go out with the pantyhose. Just an observation. Ok, my knees are improved. I then realize when I dont wear, my legs swell where ever my socks stop.  I work in retail with most of that time in the restaurant business. Talk about your aching legs. Those of you that stand on feet all day know what Iam talking about. The industry that seems the most at ease with the men wearing support hose is the medical industry. Ive accessed several blogs that seem to support this veiw. My conclusion is this group is uniquely knowlegable to realize the biological mechanics of how support hose improve circulation that give comfort to overworked legs. People that sit at a desk all day can benefit from the compression that reduces the amount of fluids,.ie. toxins, retained in the legs. Beyond that is blood pooling, indicated by the appearence of reddish feckles at the ankles. This is blood that cant make it back up the leg. Support/compression hose eleviate this condition. This is why athletes have taken to compression tights. The compression expells the fluid,ie toxins, from the muscles of their legs after exertion, promoting a quicker recovery from the exertion. The tights also warm the muscles reducing the possibility of muscle strain/injury. Ive got think they know they really look hot in them too. In conclusion there are several verifiable benefits to anyone wearing a support/compression garment. My suggestion is that we all outwardly exhibit the athletic applications till all forms from UnderArmour to Hooters Hose became acceptable for anyone to wear in nearly any situation. The fun we can have at home in our hosiery with a partener or without will be our little secret.

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any one who ever went bay swimming or claming and got jelly fish stung will be glad to know pantyhose can protect from there stings and gladly not care who laughs while there all stung an your not . !! shh thats an old navy seal secret from way back .

I agree 100% with you. This is a great article.

Bonehose ! Thank you for a well written and right on the money article. Men need to know the benefits<br />
of hose. The spandex and or lycra content is the most important factor. At 10% and above I feel relief to my aching legs. I know everyone is different and our bodies are different so maybe for someone else a lower percentage would work. I know for me I wear hose everyday and it works great.

My ex and I stayed in contact for quite some time. I truly do think it was the pantyhose being the primary reason she cited, but if you asked her today why she'd say she was being immature. My hose symbolized some failing of my maculinity in her eyes... she felt i should stop for her and I couldn't do that and be true to me. A case of immovable ob<x>ject meeting an irresistable ob<x>ject.<br />
<br />
She tried to get back together saying she could accept my hose wearing now. The damage was done for me, I had moved on. I'm in a much better place now too. <br />
<br />
Glad you liked the Solidea :) they are awesome, I'm wearing a pair now myself.

Thank you for your comment, a good read. If I may be so bold. Do you really know the hose is why your wife left, or do you thats the reason she gave you. My 2nd wife always kept a furrowed eyebrow on my open hose wearing away from the house. Yet when she gave me the laundry list of why she wanted a divorce, hose were curiously absent. What women tell us, and what the real reason is ,frequently seems to be two different things. Women feel free to jump in. In other business thanks for the tip on Solidea Venere, they came today and so did I. They feel great. Wished I had sought your advise on color. I ordered a bit to light, but otherwise great support.

I started wearing pantyhose at 4 or 5... there was no getting off or sexual aspect then. Puberty hit, and the sexual aspect became a factor. I ventured into other fem items to see what that was about.. Skirts, panties, dresses, heels etc.. But when I got off, everything came off. I'd be back in the hose in no time.<br />
<br />
I had this love hate relationship with my wearing for years... I even joined the military to try and force all the CD stuff from my life. The desire was there, but opportunity wasn't. But once the opportunity came about, I was back into pantyhose and such.<br />
<br />
I eventually convinced myself that all I really needed was the hose. The sexual aspect went away, and I found comfort and luxury in wearing pantyhose around the house with shorts. My wife tolerated this and I thought all was well. 10 years later she leaves me for wearing pantyhose...<br />
<br />
After much turmoil I realize that I'm a guy who likes pantyhose... plain and simple. I date and share my love of hose and no issues. I meet a great woman who even likes my hosed legs and things are grand. The desires for a bit more surface again... my loving lady accepts this side of me too.<br />
<br />
So I find myself as a guy who loves to wear pantyhose daily for the reasons you state. The look and feel is amazing, and the support is much appreciated. Hose on long flights helps out a lot too, <br />
<br />
Adding the hosiery fun to the bedroom is fun, but its not necessary every time. It just ads a fun dynamic.