Just Started Wearing Them Again.

     I have loved wearing pantyhose since I was 11.  In Junior High, highschool, and college, I used to love to sit at lunch and other times between classes and watch the women who wore them (especially with heels and a clingy skirt or dress) until they were out of sight and was always envious.  That I get great sexual satisfaction from wearing them has always been the case.  I always used to fantasize about being a woman or a pretty shemale, and I would always wear "obvious" pantyhose - black white, other no-neutral colors - just so that everyone would know that I was wearing them, along with 3" minimum heels beautifully color coordinated with the rest of my outfit. I have often wondered if this was just "the forbidden fruit" syndrome and if I actually would still enjoy them so much.  I think I would.

     About 12 years ago (at a very young age for it to happen) I blew 3 discs in my lower back (mostly from incorrectly lifting heavy loads at work).  The resulting nerve damage made my upper thighs so sensitive, that without nerve pain meds (opiates don't work on nerve pain), I could barely tolerate to wear pants; their brushing against my upper thighs felt like pouring alcohol on road rash.  I was devastated.  

Last year, I had edema in my legs (long story) so bad that bubbles of water would raise up on my legs.  The cure for this (side from diuretics) - full-leg compression stockings - support pantyhose!  I was afraid that, while mostly under control, that the pressure of the hose on my upper thighs would be unbearable, but in fact not only did it not worsen the situation, but actually helped quell the nerve pain!  And now, I even have a prescription for them!  Ah bliss, I HAVE to wear them - doctor's orders!  Now it at least doesn't matter that my (sexually very conservative) family knows that I'm wearing them, as well s the folks at the gym, although I have yet to get up the courage to wear them "obviously", but hey maybe someday.  Don't know what medical conditions would require wearing high heels... guess you can't have everything. 

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1 Response Mar 15, 2010

After a bad go around with my legs at work I began wearing support pantyhose with shorts at work. I wore for 3 months in beige suntan taupe and coffee with few comments and no problems. What surprised me was that most never noticed I was wearing hose till I wore black opaque support tights. Many people said they just thought I had a nice tan on my legs, but when thay saw me in black they knew I was wearing support hose for my legs. I strongly encourage to wear your support hose wiith shorts anywhere you would wear shorts. Few if anyone will say anything,I think most folks know support hose when they see them and understand why you wear or they simply dont care if you wear.