My Ring Is In All My Naughty Pics

I gave a ******* once to a guy who wanted to see my wedding ring moving up and down his **** and then he came all over it
NicciGreene NicciGreene 36-40, F 5 Responses Sep 25, 2010

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That is awesome!!!! you should post pics with *** all over your wedding rings which I would LOVE TO SEE

awesome. Hopefully you spent time licking his *** off your wedding ring while he watched?

It was undobutedly an enhanced experience for him, knowing that he had successfully seduced a married woman into giving him sexual favors. The "no strings attached" understanding in the front and back of his mind likely brought him to a level of comfort almost equal to his level of stimulation at that moment.

The fact that you were willing to comply with his desire to see you flaunt your infidelity by stroking him to an ******, all the while having your wedding ring grace his ****, and helping him ********* all over said ring, must have made it a fantastic experience for him. He probably spent the next three days futility trying to think of ANYTHING else just to take his mind off of that experience!

Personally, I love pictures/movies where you can see the wife's wedding ring on her hand as she pulls her lover deep and close at the moment of his climax. There's something especially hot and naughty about watching a married woman not only get *** in by her lover/boyfriend, but being so desirous and intent on feeling him do so that she forces him deep inside at that moment in order to maximize his pleasure.


Getting into places one mostly should not go. Very hot & quite sexy.