The Frog Wedgie

Okay so my master gave me my first dare a few minutes ago. First thing I was to give myself a shoulder wedgie. So I put on a pair of purple panties and started pulling up the sides of my undies. I got them over my shoulders the pain increasing in my butt. As I messaged that the wedgie was in it started sinking into my vagina. My master then told me to crouch down in my shoulder wedgie. As I did it sunk further into my butt and vagina. It started getting really painful but at the same time turning me on. Once in the crouched position my shoulder wedgie still in I was orderd to jump in the air from my position and raise my hands over my head then repeat. I did this 3 times and the last time I jumped when I landed I felt my panties damp in the crotch area. So then I took off the wedgie and picked it out wincing as I did.

My master then told me to put on a thong and type this story. Every time I made a typo I would have to wedgie myself alternating front to back. I took extra care so I wouldn't have too but by the end of this story I have gotten 3 front wedgies and 2 back wedgies in my green thong.
Pantiesinmybutt Pantiesinmybutt
22-25, F
3 Responses Dec 9, 2012

WoWWoWOWwwoowWOWwoW nice!!!!!! Hahahah

Haha, sounds like a lot of fun.

nice story