Wedgie Suprise With Me Boyfriend And His Friendz

This was last week my boyfriend and some of his friends wanted me to come over my boyfriend and me and josh sat next to each other we were watching a romantic film and the door knocked josh answered the door and it was his m8s he went upstairs to plan to wedgie me 10mins later he calls me and stupidly I turned the t.v off and went upstairs and all of a sudden his m8s jumped me tied me with rope and tore me jeans off so I couldn't scream they shuffed a dirty sock in my mouth and duck taped me mouth 1st they did an all rounder wedgie which is 1 person grabs the back off me pants then another goes to me front (which I only let me boyfriend do) and the others on either side of me pants and they said ready at 3........... 1 2 3 and me pants shot up it felt weird but in a good way and all sorts of wedgies then josh sent his m8s home and he told me to put a thong on and where I'm weak and he is a rugby player and he jumped on me and hung me on a double bunk bed and he pulled the front of my pants not hard but really softly and then he took me down took me thong off and he ******** and we had sex and fell asleep naked ooh I forgot me parents where on a bussieness trip now chow!!!!!!!!!!!
wedgiegirl134 wedgiegirl134
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Yh I did get my own back