Why I Love Weed

yesterday. sat on my couch all alone contemplating about wich sock on my feet felt thicker for like 20 minuets. got hungry. while the frozen pizza was in the oven, blended icecream with cherios; the ****. smoked another bowl with the neighbor. we blew a bunch of smoke into a jar then quickly sealed it to ``save it for later``. watched pocahantas; halarious.watched the animal planet, then decided to give his cat a bath. we liked him better wet so we left the bathtub filled and dunked him in a few times throughout the day. smoked another bowl. doritos. ran around his back yard. i love open fields of grass when im high. the BEST. sat and talked about what it would feel like to be tiny.went home, and slept like a baby.
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4 Responses Jul 21, 2010

You can have a day like that or a day that sux, I choose to wet my cat down (she freaking loves it weird and play in the yard:)))) I love this story made me smile:)))

sounds like a blast :D

that story made my day cause im high as **** x2 cause my friend was here.

Sounds like everyday to me hahlmao