I Never Doubted About It...

A documentary is going to be shown on french/german TVchannel ARTE on monday, at 10 PM


Here's the translation for those that don't understand french :

Cannabis, a challenge for the science

The effect of cannabis on the brain is really understood only for some years. By observing his mechanisms of action, the scientists discovered an essential system to the functioning of the brain and to the regulation of the body. As in the case of drugs stemming from some opium, our body produces naturally its own cannabis. Today, the researchers realize spectacular progress in the understanding of the effects of cannabis from the outside and inside. Their results, still little known by the general public, should profoundly modify our glance on this drug. The science of the cannabis opens new perspectives on new medical treatments against the pain, the obesity, the anxiety, or still the multiple sclerosis. For the researchers, it's a real biological revolution...

i'm gonna record it
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