First Time.

Okay so my boyfriend had smoked for about a few years before he took a year off and went to Japan. I personally have always hated it, and never understood why people would do it.

So for some reason, I became more tolerant of it and told my boyfriend that I wanted to try it. So before he came home, he talked to his friends about getting some for my first time. We decided the best first time method for me was gonna be his weird tentacle water pipe since the smoke wouldn't be harsh, etc.
So anyway, to make a long story short he got the stuff. Not sure exactly what type, he said he was more potent then mids, but not by too much, and we went out to his shed where it was just him and I and he lit up.

Note, we had discussed this plenty of times before he came home, decided on the date and everything, got snacks, drinks, eye drops..we were heavily prepared. He also had not smoken in a year so his tolerance was out the window. Anyway, he did everything in his power to make sure I was comfortable and it wasn't going to go bad. I have G.A.D [genralized anxiety disorder] and we were worried about me wigging out, getting paranoid...etc.

Alright so he lit it up, showed me how, and took a pretty big hit. [At least to me it looked like one]. Set the piece down on the table with the lighter and sat back on the couch we were on and smiled. I nervously asked him how it was and he shrugged. Took me about 10 nervous minutes or so before I decided to man up and take a hit. He held it for me, lit it for me, and released his finger so oxygen could come in. To be honest, I was kinda scared. I tasted alot of smoke my first hit, but nothing then that so I thought I did it wrong. I went outside, walked around and then we went back inside. I'm pretty sure it was either during this time, or after we went back out and took a second hit, which was definitely crazy because I had inhaled alot, my boyfriend said it was good because I about near coughed up all of my major organs, and it burned all the way down. So we sat on his couch, relaxing, kissing, whatever. And I kept saying I wasn't high. He kept saying I was..the next things happened pretty quickly. Time seemed to go a bit slower, when I would look at something it would blurr a bit at the end. Like my vision was delayed. We went back in his house into his room. I drank alot of water, tried to inhale the air conditioning..and then things got weird. I started laughing at everything. Looking at facebook and cracking up so hard I couldn;t stop. He was laughing too, but he was more controlled then me.

I fell off of his king size bed, he grabbed my arm and tugged me back up. I refused stating that I wanted to keep swimming on his floor. [which is made of wood.] I rolled around some more before I got kind of hungry and REALLY WANTED a freeze pop. After a search in his freezer we came up with nothing so we decided to go to cumberland farms convenient store to get slurpees. Oh boy, wrong idea. I laughed all the way there, saw a dinosaur on a house., [ Note this was about 9 at night] got completely enthralled with a green traffic light, so much so we stopped to talk about the colors in it, claimed that I was scared because the " bush people " were gonna get me. Got to the store, got the slushies pulled out a drink tray and got hit by the rest of them, almost fell a few times, and on our way back I ate an entire bag of chex mix by myself.
We got back to his house, went back to the shed and took one last hit for both of us [he took one more than me], then he blew his smoke in my face. The whole time I was in denial.

After that the night started to calm down, I had NO anxiety. No stress. Not a care in the world. We had some crazy sex, and passed out.
All and all. It was a great experience and I don't know why anyone thinks it's really bad for you.

PS. Watch " The union " documentary. It helped put things in perspective for me.

We intend on smoking for a long time.

PurpleSnuggie PurpleSnuggie
18-21, F
Jul 20, 2012