My Weed Therapy

Well I used to a very angry person always fighting never in a good mood so when I 1st hit a bluunt it changed my life I saw things differently I was so happy calm no worries just me and maryjane it felt so right I know I do other drugs but its bc im messed up mentaly but I know that weed is different no hangover just the munchies lol but iknow people call it a drug but its not I dont c y trust me wen I say I know drugs weed is not 1 of them its a way for people to connect with nature and helps u understand happyness with out
Weed I would b even more lost than I am now I hope one day people all over the world can c the beuty in weed and how it helps u
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Yo thats exactly me for real grade A medical all day

well said, very well said

My boyfriend loves weed a lot. And he has been telling me facts I have to know and also the benefits. He doesn't have other vices so I'm fine with it.

Im 15 and i smoke all day everyday :)

I totally understand what you mean! I smoke up to be at the level where I can just dream and fantasize! everything feels way better when your high! lol!!

Yes some one understands people like to judge b4 they even try it

All the people who judged me (cause I started smoking up pretty young and LOVED it) lol now all smoke up! I even had an ex-boyfriend who broke up with me cause he didnt know I smoked up and when he found out he made it into such a big deal but now he does smoke up! freaking double standards!

Lol hey I love to smoke im a happy guy and a lot of my exs didn't like me smoking and broke up with me but I'm glad they did of they ain't into me for being me than they arent for me

So true! :) lol

Yea if u want to get to know each other just message me I have to go it was nice talking to u peace;)

Will do so look out for a message fellow stoner :) lol!! tc

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