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I Used To Smoke Weed

When I first tried weed I almost choked to death; probably because I've never smoked cigs; but, I did like how weed made me feel. I was a shy introverted person and smoking weed freed me up from all my inhabitions; I was sociable, I laughed and just enjoyed the moments. When the high left me I went right back to being shy and introverted; what a transformation!

I liked myself when I was smoking weed. I'm a very inquisitive person so when ever I would smoke weed I would try an figure out how can I be this way without smoking weed?

Weed like any drug alters your state of mind; so obviously some part of the brain is being affected that isn't being affected when you don't smoke weed. It was a challenge for me to try and stay focused on what was really taking place so that I could maintain that state of mind without smoking weed.

I never figured out what aspects of my brain was being affected and how I could alter it naturally, however I did pay close attention to my inner self whenever I was high off of weed; and I learned it was really just a matter of being confident in myself and having the courage to be that same person with out havng my brain altered by a drug; I could alter my brain by having courage and confidence; eventurally that's what I did.

I can imagine that a person that isn't shy and introverted, who is out going and extroverted might feel differently when smoking weed; or someone that does have confidence and courgage. Perhaps they smoke it just to feel however they feel; which is every individuals choice.

I would prefer to feel high naturally with out taking any kind of drug that alters states of mind; because if a drug can alter a state of mind then it can be altered naturally by thought. It's just a matter of knowing how to get there!

The reason people continue to take any drug is to continue to receive the high. Drugs affect the physical body and keep you coming back for more. I'm certain that over time the effects do some damage, but as stated it each individuals choice.

I was a teenager when I first smoked weed. Once I found out how to be my inner self naturally I found no use for it.

Alark1 Alark1 56-60, F 1 Response Sep 2, 2012

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Wow I totally understand this... I felt the same way when I started smoking. I smoked for about a year straight kind of in search of something deep within myself and then slowly came to the conclusion that I just needed to be me and not worry what other people thought of me. I wonder if it only has that effect on introverted people or only people with fears/inhibitions that are lifted due to the altered state of mind. Either way weed gradually helped me find myself and i believe everyone should try it at least once in their life.