Smokin' Is As Natural As Breathin' Lol

AM over 55 first turned onto "mostassa" when I was 15 and been smokin' ever since...even lived in East L.A., Ave 52 and the Pasadena freeway! Backside of Cheech n' Chong's neighborhood, near the "school for unwed mother's" yep, I was an original HomeBoy, remember "Los Cobres", and drove a '68 low-rider white Chevy-Impala...those were the days, travelin' an packin' and partyin and raidin "dogtown" and "Chitown"....yeah a  survivor...don't "bogart" that joint my friend....pass it on to me.............TacoTuesday luvs ya ALL
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An angel over 2 nights ago and spared me of my potless hell, if u'v read any of my other stories, u know, I have bad memories, and, my hubby is intent on mak'g me miserable, so the weed is a vital partal of my exsistence. Well any way I was completely out and I was trying to play it cool cuz there's not a whole lot of sympathy for women, especially strong women with a sense of identity and a spine, so I'm clean'g up after dinner and some one knocks on the door, I open it up and (we'l jus call him an angel for now) he gave me some peace of mind that should last a few days. I get to replenish when I'm ready too because I now I got a whole new thing. My hubby is supposed to leave today, he doesn't know about my new thing, and he's not gonna, cuz all our concts think I'm one of those white women who controls their man( I'm really not like that, trust me, I'm female to the core, I get pleasure out of serving my man, but my hubby is no longer my man, but I'l honer god and keep myself any way, for God, not my husband) and they DON'T LIKE WOMEN LIKE THAT, so they're all pissed. But the older people are cool w/me cuz I pitch on bail $$ when necessary, I keep my mouth shut even when I'm crying inside, and they know him and how he is. But my new thing is totally different, so it seems. I hope it's real. See I'm easy to please, I don't ask for freebies or fronts, I don't cry all my problems to any one, as a matter of fact I try to keep them well hidden, and it's all business-the business of keep me sane-and thats very valuable to me so I'm not about to mess it up by mak'g it personal. I once 'invested' but found out 2 weeks later my hubby owed him $$$ even though I told everybody a year ago that I will not be responsible for hubby's debts, so the $$ went to his debt instead of what it was supposed to. So now I don't back any one. It was just $100. but I won't try that again, from now on it's just my own personal. I'm thankful for what I received the other night. I hope it's really as cool as it appears to be.

Cal City is little heaven

Taco,<br />
I'm 40, grew up in sun vlly and reseda, now in cal city 4 yrs. Right now I feel like Cal City is like the end of the circle when every thing comes full circle- if that makes any sense to you. I'm sure you know whats out here, it can be a very nice life. Most people don't have to worry about the trife, gossip, trash etc.. because we already know who the losers and haters are-it's a small town still. Anyway thanks for being my fan im inviting to my circle.