The thing is about cannibis is that most people think its really bad for us when personally i think its great to be honest. I think all people should be prescribed it for free its alot better than alcohol at least it doesnt make most people nasty and aggresive ect. It isnt bad. so enjoy ...

teddypompom teddypompom
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Question, is it even possible to get addicted to it? I mean, I agree with you and all, but someone I know smokes like, every single day, and he just said to me, oh, I think I'm addicted to weed *crying face* :L

Yes, I admire I love WEED. The best thing for me..

cheers i will lol

Blaze on.

sorry i was having a bad day and took it the wrong way im ok now !

Yes, I do hope teddy is enjoying herself somewhere.

Chill teddy. I thought the weed was suppose to mellow you out?<br />
I was merely making a joke. And never insinuated that you were thick or stupid.

There are a few dangers, Teddy.<br />
Sometimes stoners laugh too hard and fall off the couch.

I don't care for weeds. They grow in my yard and I am forced to pull out those nasty burgers!! LOL :-)