I Am a Bit Conflicted On This ...

I am a bit conflicted on this one. I do love the weed, but I feel like I should find a different way to feel so uninhibited.
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Yup, same here, Sista! Ideally, we shouldn't need additional substances to help us achieve genuine euphoria. Experiencing life and all its beauty should be enough... SHOULD, IDEALLY. I, personally, feel addicted. I admit it but I might also have a hormonal imbalance. So, I guess it's more about reaching an emotional equilibrium, safely, rather than being "natural." Because, in my case, sobriety leads to hyperactivity, depression, anger, and aggression. :/

..... .... wait, 2007?! - .-;; Still true, though. :}

My personal opinion is that if you're using weed to get a little something extra out your life then that's fine. If you're using it to fill a hole in your life then that's where problems start.<br />
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The problems in our society tend not to be from drugs, but rather society its self. People use alcohol, weed and other drugs to satisfy fundamental things that are missing from their life. Loneliness, depression, boredom etc.

I feel that myself, as well. There must be a more natural way to experience those feelings.