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I Am a Bit Conflicted On This ...

I am a bit conflicted on this one. I do love the weed, but I feel like I should find a different way to feel so uninhibited.
shoobles shoobles 19-21, F 3 Responses Aug 12, 2007

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jefftp is right. Smoke for recreation, not to medicate. <br />
I'm not trying to be perverted here: but - if you feel like shaking up your inhibitions, go hit a nude beach this summer! Boy, that'll shake up your psyche! Especially if theres lots of fat people there. I'm dead serious. Once the shock and awe wear off, marvel at how all these people came together to violate a societal norm, yet they're not lying in a big greasy pile, or plotting to overthrow the government, or setting random fires, or even doing much of anything particularly interesting. And think about it. If a 300 lb woman can walk down the beach talking on a cell phone wearing nothing but a wrist wallet, then imagine what you can dare yourself to be bold enough to do! Clothed and sober, yet!

My personal opinion is that if you're using weed to get a little something extra out your life then that's fine. If you're using it to fill a hole in your life then that's where problems start.<br />
<br />
The problems in our society tend not to be from drugs, but rather society its self. People use alcohol, weed and other drugs to satisfy fundamental things that are missing from their life. Loneliness, depression, boredom etc.

I feel that myself, as well. There must be a more natural way to experience those feelings.