I love weed its ******* Amazing so **** u if u dont think so!
Heyababe Heyababe
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captain kush is amazing i love weed !

Haha , i am on vacation right now @ my grandparents house in the south of France and usually i smoke alot but now i can only dream of getting high. When i get back home the first thing i am going to do is roll a big joint and smoke it!

I'm a guy dude

Weed makes me horny… so weed would **** you ;)

Good ****!

Still haven't done By serious weed here
I'll try it out, if we shotgun.


It's people like you who are ruining my garden


I do love some good weed ;)

Hellll yeah 👍

How often do you smoke up?

Here and there hbu

Most weekends aha

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