I'm not gonna stop smoking my herbs, if it gets me in touch with the earth.
Makes me give thanks for what life is worth? Am i gonna stop smoking my herbs? NO!
bechmayer bechmayer
18-21, M
1 Response Aug 23, 2014

Unless you have to get a job, then you'll be stopping for a month

In Belgium i dont need to do a test in order to get a job... (But i am only 16 thats why they probably don't care for vacation work :) Then i just smoke sometimes with eye drops :)

Aw that's not fair haha

But when i get older ill probably have too tough

Why do you say that?

**** that , hopefully laws change by then haha ;)

When i get a real job by 21 or so , then they maybe can test but not always..

Hahah I don't even know the laws on it in Belgium to be honest

Its quite mild, but we have good weed cause we live next to Netherlands its only 2 hours to ride to get too Amsterdam

So no ****** weed ;)

Nice! That's why they should stop wasting time and just legalize it

Indeed and then those dumb politician would have more money but they so stupid lol

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