My Daily Medicine

i have smoked since i was in eleventh grade. i too have been a victim of the "scare tactics" of my superiors telling me all the negative sides of cheeba. once i tried it for myself i have not stopped and have been doing it for seven years now. i dont care what anybody says all the negative effect that you hear is bull crap. its all up to the users discretion. i love smoking. it makes literally everything better. bud is not a drug. if you really want an argument alcohol is worse than bud. legalize now! lol

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1 Response Aug 9, 2009

I used to love my bud but after stopping for 3 years then telling myself I'll start up again once I get my own place.....well that didn't happen. Turned into this healthy working out type of guy that really wants to smoke but realizes how hard it is to start again. <br />
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Damn I love that