Positive View

I like the show Weeds because its a positive view instead of negative. Hey there are plenty of negative shows, too many. Now adays the villian always smokes. Naughty, Naughty of them. Good people don't smoke, drink or ever have any fun that's not expensive. Please, that's ridiculous. Positive View, like well we like to add this acitivity to our lives to make it fun and interesting. The main characters (Nancy, Isabel, Silas, Shane & Andy Botwin, Doug, Dean, Conrad etc...) isn't not knocking off liquor stores or killing anyone (well until Season 5). They just want to be happy and earn a comfortable living.

I had seen the first season when it first began and really liked it. I hadn't seen it since. My time is limited and the few shows I had seen since, I really didn't like. So I stopped watching it. Then this summer they offered the entire show 'On Demand'. So I could watch all 4 years to be caught up to the most current season. I know they were doing this because the season premier was approaching. So now I've seen the entire series. I still like the first season the best.

The first season Malvina Reynolds sang all of the intro song. Then in seasons 2 & 3 they had other people sing it, including Joan Baez. Joan's was good, though wasn't as good as Malvina's version. I wanted to embed the intro to weeds in which she sings, though I suppose its copywritten so for the time being you can view it on YouTube @: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8StRAJCork&feature=related . Though the below version is the original song (not weeds version) sung by Malvina to a claymation video.


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3 Responses Aug 7, 2010

That's exactly right HeartofHearts. You really think Mary-Louise Parker is Nancy. We do have similar tastes, isn't that great? :D

i love this show too!!!! i've watched every episode that i have access to-- we do have really similar tastes... i love the main character-- how strong she is, yet how flawed... how unpretentious the portrayal of her is... no rose-colored glasses here...

Oh, that's true, you never know what's coming. It is well written and I like the characters especially Shane. He is so much like Nancy. That is really a hard thing to pull off, so it is really well acted. Definitely intelligent drama with elements of humor. I too want to see how Nancy is going to get out of this one. Silas said something that stuck out for me in season 5, he said her luck has to run out eventually. Hmmm...