Yes! Another Great Group.

This show is just frickin' awesome. Kevin Nealon is genius. Mary is hot and sexy and smart. The whole cast. The story line stayed fresh, too, even as it changed locales and kind of pulled a "Roseanne". I don't get it on my cheap *** basic cable, so I wait till the whole season's done and utorr... i mean go to the store and pick it up.

This show, and Breaking Bad are a few of the only decent things to watch on TV. I haven't seen a lot of MadMen. I like Burn Notice, used to watch The Closer and Saving Grace but ehh...
But if you really want to know THE BEST SHOW ON TV for the past 3 Decades +, I'm watching it right now:
CBS Sunday Morning. I've watched it religiously since i was like 10 or something. And always ends with pretty pictures and usually nature sounds.
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Damn if We don't keep finding that common ground! With regards to Saving Grace, I happen to be a Sooners fan and so the episode where it is revealed that Barry Switzer was the previous owner of her Porsche was particularly enjoyable. But yeah, the promising shows just don't seem to make it more than 2 or 3 seasons...

You got that right, CBS Sunday Morning is the best show on TV. Entertaining and informative and those last 30 seconds really add something extra to the show.<br />
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If you don't get it on your 'cheap ***' probably basic cable how do you watch it? Netflix? My favorite is the first season and parts of the second. The third and fourth were good, though didn't have the same perky happiness that hooked me to the show in the first place. Now in the middle of season 5 (I'm watching it 'on demand', see my story) its still interesting and I'm hoping some more good times to come.<br />
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I'm going to write a story about Saving Grace. I liked the first couple seasons; yet, it was all down hill from there.