Showtime's "weeds" Is The Only Tv Show I'm Impatient To See Return!

    I don't smoke weed, but I think "WEEDS" ROCKS!!! I've watched it for nearly as long as it has been on TV and it's the only show I wait for faithfully from season to season. Sure, it's gotten a bit far afield from the show's original season and let's face it, a lot of it is soooo far fetched and improbable, but it is ALWAYS entertaining, keeps me guessing and there has never been an episode that failed to make me laugh. I admit it...I'm an addict and I'm getting impatient waiting for Season #6 to begin so we can find out if Shane actually managed to give that #$@&* Pilar what she deserves! Has anyone heard if the Season 6 Premiere date has been set? Whenever it starts, you can bet I'll be sitting right here, front and center, for each and every episode!

imacamarogirl2 imacamarogirl2
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1 Response Feb 27, 2010

God i wish Nancy was my mom. Weeds is the best show! It's not corny or cliched. IT"S ******* PURE!