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Ween has been one of my favorite bands over the last 13 years.  They played 2 of the greatest concerts I've ever seen here in Austin in '96 and '97.  They played at Liberty Lunch which no longer exists but had the best sound system in Austin.  It was a shack but the music was loud as hell and clear.  I saw Ween on their tour for their country album and they immediately became my favorite band.  Then a year later on the Mollusk tour they came again and ROCKED MY WORLD.  Every show I've seen since then has been good but not as good as either of those 2 shows.  If you haven't heard Ween, check them out.
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5 Responses Jun 7, 2007

I listened to it. Thanks.

All of my favorite Ween CD's were recorded before 1997. Pure Guava, God Ween Satan, The Mollusk, and Chocolate and Cheese are all fantastic albums. The country album is really great too if you like country.

Cool. I think should listen them. Thanks for sharing.

They are awesome...I have seen them a lot of times now though and I think I'm unwilling to pay the $30 they ask for a show now. I payed $11 the first time I saw them and they were a lot better live band back then. They are still good and I recommend them to anyone who hasn't seen them.

going to any shows this tour? what do you think of la cucaracha?