I am a submissive bisexual girl, looking for a dominant feeder to roleplay with.

I love to be teased (with food, to have you tease me about my weight, physical teasing or how I am weak or out of shape)
BellaBrittanyWalker BellaBrittanyWalker
22-25, F
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Hi can u plz txt me

Hey message me because I wanna ask something but can't message you.

I would love to chat with you and roleplay. Please add me if you are interested. :-)

You have to add me though, because I can't add you....

Would love to do a weight gain role play with you! :)

I'd love to try

anytime ;)

good girl...add me pls

How realistic do you like your weight gain?

I honestly could care less

So your up for what ever as long as there's weight gain


Cool, message me if you want to RP.

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