I'm Not White, But I Am Nerdy!

Yep, I love this song, "White And Nerdy"! It describes my sister more than me... she's the one who made a website about her dog. But there's a little of me in there too. I do think a surge protector make a good gift! And of course, ROTFLOL is my theme! XD

I am a huge fan of parody songs! And Weird Al is the king of it all! I love his songs, "Fat", "Amish Paradise", "Smell Like Nirvana"! Speaking of which... I'm going to try to add that last one to my profile! The animal solo is hilarious! Moooooo, baaaaa! XD

I use to spend my childhood, trying to make up my own parodies. They were never as great as Weird Al's, but they were lots of fun! The guy is a genius! :-D

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2 Responses Mar 26, 2009

Eat it was a favourite of mine.

yes he is the king