Poland... Hmm?

My mom's boyfriend's son is off to Poland for the summer. I was telling my friend Isabel this, so we decided to look up things about Poland... What we found out:
1) Poland has lots of potatoes
2) Almost all girls in Poland are circumsized before the age of twelve.
3) Poland's population is nearly homozygous (98% of it's population is full-blood Polish)
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Difficult to confuse the two I agree (only if you are on serious neural medication).<br />
But those people you heard about that confuse Poland and Holland I don't know what their story is.

The offending site is properly run by Russians, or maybe Germans. Or maybe they are thinking about Nigeria which is easily confused with Poland (if you are on serious neural medication).

I am American. I read it on a site about Poland. Seriously.

**jaw dropped** Are you American??

Wow...I had no idea that female circumcision existed in any Westernized countries...yet I would have to say many of the East European countries are barely westernized...