Mr. Ragasanapotatomishasiiiko.

1. rabbis bless pickles in factories. intercom: "hello this is rabbi Mcshmitty. MAY ALL YOUR PICKLES BE BLESSED."
2. in california, no vehicle without a driver may exceed above 60 miles per hour. yes, that includes you, transformers.
3. porcupines float in water. 
4. our minor league baseball team the tin caps, we call the pot heads.
5. theres a beach in spongebob squarepants called the lagoon.
6. washington dc is the only place youll find an ameican chinese irish pub.
7. according to disney, platapus (platapi) are green.
8. in japanese, taco means squid.
9. the longest recorded flight of a chicken is 13 seconds.
10.  china has more english speakers than the united states.

soharu soharu
3 Responses Aug 11, 2010

nope. its wrong. maybe they mean regular chinese, not mandarin chinese.

Are you sure abt no. 10? Where did u come by that info.?

oh wow number 10 that means I can talk to a chinese person