Sex With My Cousin

Ive been dating my second cousin for almost a year now..i am currently fifteen and shes fourteen..were both very happy and don't seem bothered by the fact that were cousins..i love her to death and i know she feels the same way..she lives an hour away and every time i go there's always a different experience..there was one experience in particular that i will never all started with me getting on a train and on my way to her parents didn't know so i had to make up a good lie..anyways i arrived in her city and her sisters bf picked me up..we were on our way to her house but had to pick up my cousin/girlfriend at her friends house..we got to her friends house and i saw her walking towards the car..she looked so hot i swear..she was wearing a nice red and tight dress..that definitely captured my attention..anyways she got in the car and on our way to her house..we got there and her sisters bf helped me sneak into the the time she didn't have her room so we were staying in her sisters room for the night..luckily her sister left to some party and her sisters bf left we were both alone in the room..we got to it right away..the lights were off but the tv was on so there was some light..but we just turned it off cuz it was more comfortable for both of us in the dark..i was laying down and she got on top of me..we started making out and i started touching her legs and worked my way up to her ***..i started putting her dress up and i could feel her panties and i started to rub her *** real good..she seemed to like it so i turned her around so that she was on the bottom..i put her dress up even more and took her panties off..i unzipped my pants with no protection, i put it in her..she was pretty tight nd seemed to love it a lot..i began to go faster, and i could tell she wanted to moan, but she couldn't cuz her big brother was in the other room..but she still moaned but not too loud..we kept going and then we stopped for a while..then we got bored and went at it again..and again..then we heard her sisters voice downstairs and changed right away...she came in and never suspected anything..she knows we make out and stuff but she never knew had sex..then her sisters bf showed up and came in the room and they were both laying down on the and my cousin were laying down on the ground and waiting for the tv to turn eventually turned off and we were just waiting for the two on the bed to got to sleep..but meanwhile, we began to touch each other a lot..there was a lot of grabbing and squeezing..then we began to heard snores and sure enough the two on the bed fell sleep..then i went on top of my cousin and put it in again..we couldn't be loud or else we would of woken up her sister..then after awhile we stopped but did it again cuz we both wanted more..then we got tired and fell asleep..i woke up the next morning and told myself that last night was the best night ever..we had sex like five or six times..most were quickies but still sex..that night was unforgettable..and ever since that night, every time we see each other, we have sex..we just keep doing it and doing it..DAMN, I SERIOUSLY WANNA **** HER RIGHT NOW..HAHA
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What's the update on this? I mean, that was more than 3 years ago. What's going on now?

**** that ***** real good I do and I love 6 of my cousins love my **** u only live once so just do
it with love

how hot! check out my story on sex with my cousin !

Hello - I really enjoyed reading this. I am working on a project right now about cousins who want to be together. did you know there is testing that can tell if it's okay? Message me and I can tell you more.

Your started at a young age but that sex when the chemistry is right is additive

I hate how people just call people like us trolls because we r for the most part sane, I don't understand how you people actually think this sick **** is okay and my first experience were not with a family member it's wrong and sick, whit people r always talkin bout how black people r you all r sick individuals

*** her

So beautifully sexy and hot

Good going. Many of us have had our first sexual experiences with our cousins.

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Nothing like child *********** to lighten up a group about weird facts. Where do you people come from?

You shouldn't feed the trolls.