I Kissed My Best Friend But Does She Feel The Same Way?

A couple weeks ago I invited 2 of my best friends over before they came round my house we went for lunch and started talking about all kinds of random questions and then one of them asked me if I had ever kissed a girl before
 I told them the truth yes I had done at a couple parties when I was drunk they laughed and said they had done the same even though one of them has a current boyfriend and so is straight

We went back to my house for the sleepover my parents were out so I got in the alcohol cupboard and we got quite drunk Anyways it was all fine then girl 2 suggested we play truth or dare
 we did for a bit but it got boring so decided to move onto spin the bottle
Now I thought it was a little strange as there was only three of us but hey I was drunk
 We started playing and we were all nervous at first but it got easier then after a while we were kissing without the game and this carried on for a few more hours as we were messing around on my laptop and just talking.
When we went to bed we all shared a large double bed I was in the middle and girl number 1 who has a boyfriend was soo drunk kinda just fell asleep but as I rolled over to girl number 2 she kissed me we ended up kissing and cuddling for the rest of the night it was quite passionate but so nice to be close to someone like that 
But now I'm left confused it's happened again since then under the same circumstances but what does that mean
 I would love to be with her again without the drink and games we have a flirty and jokey relationship but I can't tell if she feels that way and if I tell her she may not see our friendship the same way
 Any advice
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It may not be time yet to "tell her" anything. Sorry if I disagree with others, but for me the fun of a relationship like yours is in letting go of fears and expectations and just watching it evolve. The time for the serious talk is when one of you thinks she wants the relationship to become exclusive and involve serious commitments to each other. It doesn't sound like you're there yet, but it does sound like that kind of relationship might become a serious possibility for you if you stay open to it. Just enjoy the ride, and don't worry about the destination quite yet.

You might feel very differently when not drinking,who knows.It can be confusing at a young age when we are trying to figure things out.Thanks for your story.

i say go for it! ask her over with zero intentions of getting drunk and watch some movies together or something like that to make both of you more comfortable. perhaps playing a game of truth or dare might get you two back to kissing? just a suggestion, good luck!<br />
<br />
peace and light be with you always, xxx.