Meaning of F***

In ancient England no one could have sex unless they had consent from the King ( unless they were apart of the Royal Family). When anyone wanted to have a baby, the got consent from the King. The King would give them a placard to hand on their door while they were having sex. It had F*** on it ( Fornication Under Consent of the King) was too long to fit on the card.

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Love your weird fact, I would have kept quite and fornicated anyway

"For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge" has also been proven a myth.<br />
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Sorry, this is also untru. Though it is kind of based on nfact. Kind of. The ever so popular expletive actually owes its name to the workers of the worlds oldest profession. When prostitutes were arrsted, it was For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge. Police are lazy, even old-timey ones, and eventually began abbreviating the penal violation as...well, you know.