It Was My Job to Love Useless Facts

For several years, I worked for what is best described as a "think tank".  A group of super smart dudes and dudettes who sat around and talked about things-- old things, new things, all sorts of things.  One of the departments gathered random facts, useless info, and all that jazz. well, i was a fact checker.  I had to pour through all sorts f literature, old document, facts, statistics, all of that ****.  I gained quite a bit of minutia during my employment there.  Here's a few fun facts:

Heinz Ketchup moves at a speed of 38 miles per year.

Human urine is completely sterile.

Due to a high gelatin content, Humn boes make the best Demi Glace

The original twinkie was Banana flavored

There is a Superman in every episode of Seinfeld.

George W. Bush is the first president in history to enter office with a criminal record (didnt study that in y job but i thought i would toss it in)

if you were to spell numbers you would not use the letter "a" until you got to one thousand

those are just a few....I'll pull out some of my old apers later and see if I cant come p with some bettr ones....
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It sounds like your tanked thoughts eventually went into the Bathroom Reader! Either that, or you just read one.