Weird Sex Facts

  • The French term for pubic lice is: papillons d'amour or " Butterflies of love ".
  • Ultrasound test have revealed that male fetuses are capable of getting erections during the last trimester.
  • Homosexual behavior has been observed in marine birds, sheep, orangutans, and other animals. In fact, in 2003 , a pair of male penguins in the Central Park Zoo, who had been a "couple" for years, raised a baby penguin together.
  • In Thailand FREE vasectomies are offered on the King's B-Day, often more than 1000 are performed in his honor.
  • The average speed of *********** is 28 mph.
  • Researchers at the University of Tromso have reported that blue-eyed men prefer blue-eyed women. If a blue-eyed couple bears a brown-eyed child, laws of genetics indicate that she almost certainly cheated on her partner. So scientist believe blue-eyed men may have learned to value the trait in women to help them know their own children.
  • In 2004 a women was reportedly detained in the athens, Greece airport after her chastity belt set off the metal detector. Apparently, her husband was trying to keep her from straying while on vacation.
  • Priapism-A painful erection that persist after ***********. If not treated immediately, it can result in permanent damage to the penis and even impotence.
  • Weight loss increases the size of penis. As men lose the fat around the base of the penis, the apparent length increases significantly, about 1in every 35lbs lost.
  • Electrically powered vibrators were invernted in the 1880s and used by doctors to treat hysteria. The effects of which seemed to be relieved by having an ******.
  • In the palace of Imperial China, eunuchs held many of the top positions. These men kept their genitals in a jar on a high shelf to symbolize their rise to upper ranks.
  • 75% of men in relationships always have an ****** with their partner, while only 29% of women do. Bummer huh guys?
  • The Italian method: The art of putting a condom on a guy with your mouth.
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There was a time when I was much younger when I could have done with knowing the French for pubic lice. I was in a room-share and my room-mate had brought a young Frenchman back for sex. I was about to go and leave them to it when my room-mate called me back. He'd just unzipped the guy and found he had crab lice. Could I tell him, as I'd done French at school? I managed it, but it would have been much easier if I'd known the proper term to use!


Did all these men skip the class on providing their Wife with oral sex? Sounds like a very selfish bunch.....

Those were interesting. Another interesting one is that the French call an ****** la petite mort, or the little death.

That was a trip, and to me at 67 years and counting . You are such a delight Lucy girl.

You are a very inciteful lady for your age Lucy...well done!!!!

I'm looking for as many similar facts as possible, for a new Human Penis Museum I'm putting together. Truthful and accurate facts, photos and artifacts of an educational nature would be great, if you have them.<br />
<br />

what is wrong here? somebody has a problem with the word "*******"! by sensoring it, you turn it into a dirty word, when in fact, it is a normal part of life and the accepted term for this bodily funtion.<br />
guess someones a little uptight!

Priaprisms are mainly caused by spinal cord injuries and can be very painful.

Haha, I want to know how many times the average person f*cks in a lifetime...<br />
its gotta be like 4500 or something...

no 3 x a week= 156 times a year multiply by 40 = 6240 times in 40 years

I thought about the fetus erections the whole time I knew my son was a boy--ewwww

Weren't eunuchs created to ensure the chastity of the women they served?

Can they use use theit tongues better than guys who have all their eqiupment? maybe that's why the ladies kept eunuchs!

So if you're in an emergency, and having a moment of hysteria, whip out the ol' 7 inch Wascally Wabbit!! WOW! Who knew??!!