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Rack in the cases limited , is a professional manufacturer and leading exporter of cases and stage for large -scale performance projects.Our main products include rack cases, band cases, DJ cases, utility cases, speaker cases,pro mixer cases,lighting cases, plasma cases and movable stage. Now introduce some Exhibition negotiating English:

What about the price? 

What do you think of the payment terms? 

How do you feel like the quality of our products?

What about having a look at sample first?

What about placing a trial order?

The quality of ours is as good as that of many other suppliers,while our prices are not high as theirs. By the way,which items are you interested in? 

You can rest assured. 

We are always improving our design and patterns to confirm to the world market. 

This new product is to the taste of European market. 

 I think it will also find a good market in your market.

 Fine quality as well as low price will help push the sales of your products.

While we appreciate your cooperation,we regret to say that we can't reduce our price any further.

 Reliability is our strong point. 

We are satisfied with the quality of your samples,so the business depends entirely on your price.

 To a certain extent,our price depends on how large your order is.

 This product is now in great demand and we have on hand many enquiries from other countries.

 Thank you for your inquiry. Would you tell us what quantity you require so that we can work out the offer?

 Here are our FOB price. All the prices in the lists are subject to our final confirmation. 

In general,our prices are given on a FOB basis. 

 Our prices compare most favorably with quotations you can get from other manufacturers. You'll see that from our price sheet. The prices are subject to our confirmation,naturally.

 We offer you our best prices,at which we have done a lot business with other customers.

 Will you please tell us the specifications,quantity and packing you want,so that we can work out the offer ASAP.

 This is the pricelist,but it serves as a guide line only. Is there anything you are particularly interested in.

 Do you have specific request for packing?Here are the samples of packing available now,you may have a look. 

 I wonder if you have found that our specifications meet your requirements. I'm sure the prices we submitted are competitive.

 Heavy enquiries witness the quality of our products. 

 We regret that the goods you inquire about are not available.

 My offer was based on reasonable profit,not on wild speculations.

 Moreover,we've kept the price close to the costs of production.

 Could you tell me which kind of payment terms you'll choose? 

Would you accept delivery spread over a period of time? 

                                                                                       -----RACK IN THE CASES
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May 16, 2012