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They Are My Middle Name

I have a rare eye condition called stereo blindness which means that my eyes are unlinked in their image transmissions to my brain. The end result is each eye operates independently giving me enhanced peripheral vision and the ability to relate 2-D to 3-D better than most. This is one of the reasons I excel at technical skills in that I can see how things appear in a disassembled state very easily.
The downside is I have no stereo vision at all which translates into horrible depth perception. This means hand-eye coordination sports such as football & baseball, I perform badly in. I'm decent in soccer, but weirdly I'm very good at fencing and any sport which requires you to be up close and personal with your opponent like wrestling. Vision isn't as critical there. Only about 10% of the population experience any form of this and very few as drastic as mine. Surprisingly, many go on to become excellent artists. I am a primary left-brained individual so not particularly artistic. What I can do is look at a photograph or picture and recreate that item in a 3-D format building medium such as Legos or other material. Examples would be a dollhouse I made for my sister when I was 13 using a photo or building a WW2 Fletcher class destroyer out of Legos from images in a book with operating guns, torpedo tubes, and radar. It is strange how a visual defect that closes one door then may open another giving you a unique skill.
PrairieDog71 PrairieDog71 41-45, M 1 Response Jun 9, 2012

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Amazing post.Thanks for sharing.

It is strange and I have yet to find another with the same condition.