I Lost On Jeopardy, Baby, Ooooh

Man, if only there was someway I could earn a living with all the useless pieces of information I have stashed away in my head. I tried getting on Jeopardy once and actually made it to the mock-game, but I froze up when I had to ring that stupid bell. When I was growing up I remember Jeopardy having these impossibly hard questions, and all these people just knew the answers like the back of their hand. As I've grown older, I've watched the show less, and I find that the questions are a lot easier, sometimes ridiculously so. Is it true that Americans are just stupider? Or maybe I just got smarter since when I was a kid.
victorious victorious
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4 Responses Apr 22, 2007

But you keep hanging on, yeah, hanging on, you've been hanging on so long....

Well, the questions have gotten easier. I dont like it much anymore.<br />
But its more stupid...stupider isnt a word. lol

Well, you've gathered knowledge as time has passed, obviously you know more then when you were a child....I watch new episodes and older episodes (game show network, hoorah!) and they seem to be on par...actually some of the older episodes are more challenging, if only because they're dated...

ROFLOL! In answer to your final question: "What is, BOTH, Alex... err Victorious!