Assorted Odd Things:

-A brain-dead person can have an ******.
-It would take 3188.503791930048 acres (about 5 square miles) to grow enough pot for every man, woman, & child a gram bag.
-Women who go through childbirth have lower c-section & mediaction rates, both because the classes actually worked to lessen pain and because the women are guilt-tripped into thinking that to take pain meds makes them selfish and weak.
-Tommy Chong was born on Queen Victoria's Birthday.
-You can use the air in a tire to breathe in an emergency.
-Stuffed sinuses is a result of increase of blood to your nasal cavity : it's actually an erection in your nose.
rainbowbrat09 rainbowbrat09
26-30, F
Sep 7, 2012