More Bizarreness

In Willowdale Orean it is illegal for a man to curse while having sex with his wife!!

Also it is illegal for all women apart from married women to parrachute in Florida on a Sunday afternoon!

Made me smile anyway :)

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Single girls in Scotland with long legs are not allowed to parachute in a dress unless they are wearing knickers.

I love weird facts.
In London all taxi cabs must carry a bale of straw in case the horse needs fed.
All London TAXI'S have been petrol since 1910 but the law has never been repealed.

A London taxi should still carry a bale of HAY for the Horse to eat. Law never repealed even although they run on petrol or diesel.

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So men cant say "**** me harder" but women can when they have sex?

Shame the men of Willowdale can't put spells on their wives during sex

lol that is ridiculous. good thing we don't live in willowdale. wonder if it is illegal for cursing from any partner lol

I love the weird laws ;-)