The Top Ten Most Unfortunate Town Names

I came across this article a while back and thought it was hilarious!

The Top Ten Most Unfortunate Town Names
1. Toad Suck, Arkansas
2. Climax, Georgia
3.Boring, Oregon
4.Hooker, Oklahoma
5.Assawoman, Maryland
7.Roachtown, Illinois
8.Loveladies, New Jersey
9.Squabbletown, California
10. Monkey's Eyebrow, Kentucky.

I recently passed through Toad Suck and I had to do a double take as I drove by the sign "Did that just say Toad Suck?" wtf lol .
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Up in Pennsylvania, they have Blue Ball, Intercourse, and Paradise...all close to each other. In Amish Country.

How about; Little Piddle, Wyre Piddle & Upper Piddle? (Worcestershire, England)

I'd love to move to squabbletown :)

There was "Hell To Pay," Washington. They changed it to "Eltopia" pronounced the same.

OMG...What were they thinking?

Nob End,
Bolton, Greater Manchester, UK

there's a place in I think Sweden or Norway named "*****".

There's a town in Austria called F*cking. People steal the road signs on a regular basis.

What about mianus?

Thelastoutlaw is right. I remember one time years ago, a company I worked for was too cheap to put money into cell phones-probably still is-he's in Lancaster County, afterall.

Anyway, the boss hit me on the company CB radio in the car and asked where I was, and my answer was totally honest though it blared across the showroom back at the company office,,,,

" I just left Blue Ball, on my way to Intercourse before I finish in Paradise.."

What's wrong with "Climax"? I'd love to *** there.

I would think the same thing.... Take a photo or just keep driving....

Thank you for the great list of unfortunate town names.

If they really don't like their name, they can change it. A town near here was originally called "Hell To Pay" but the locals changed it to "Eltopia"

Hell to pay is pretty badass name though. They shouldn't have changed it

In Wisconsin there is a casino called "Ho Chunk"
Also Finger, Tn and a small unincorporated (no post office) community called "Three Way".

In Canada we have. *****, Newfoundland, and Swastika, Ontario.

Don't omit Moose Jaw!

haha i love this, yeah i wonder who was like ohh ok that sounds like an acceptable town name lol!!!