Dog Identification...?

While human fingerprints are a means of their identification; the nose prints are a means of identifying dogs.
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I guess when they want a print the police just put a slab of butter on the floor in front of them...

I have a female dog, named “阿黄” ("Ah Huang"). I adopted her from a man.

Despite that she was neutered, she got pregnant recently, and turned into a horribly ugly dog -- the lower part of her face is swollen like mumps. When she walks, she sticks out her butt and wiggles her ***. When she barks, half her face turned orange and the other half turned black. With each bark, the colour switches.

She always seems sex deprived. When she is horny, she farts, and her hole becomes wide open. Her farts smell like rotten eggs, polluting the air.

I couldn't tolerate seeing her again, and want kick the ***** out of my property. Should I do that? What would her previous man say if i do that?