Stupid Laws

*Apparently ****** is legal in Alabama and you can marry your own family member.

*Alaska - It's illegal to put your dog in the back of the truck.

*Arizona - Anyone caught stealing soap must use it till it’s all used up.

*Arkansas - Can't beat your wife more than once a month.

*California - It’s unlawful in the state of California for either sex to fake one's ******.

*Colorado - It’s illegal to bring a horse or mule above the 1st floor of a building.

*Connecticut - You can't kiss your wife on Sunday.

*Delaware - Illegal to change your clothes in public bathrooms.

*Florida - Illegal to be electrocuted in the bath tub.

*Georgia - No spitting on sidewalks at night.

*Hawaii - You may not place any type of coin in your ear. It’s against the law.

*Idaho - No frowning in public.

*Illinois - Roosters are required to crow 300 feet away from any residence.

*Indiana - The bars are not allowed to give free drinks away on the house.

+++Go to the link below to see more stupid laws for all of the states+++

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