Functional Ectopic Anus

While going through medical journals online I found this:

A functional ectopic vaginal anus: a rare clinical entity.

Mehboob M, Naz S, Tabassum S, Khan JA.


Department of Surgery, Shaheed Benazir Bhutto General Hospital, Quetta, Pakistan.


A case of functional ectopic vaginal anus is presented in a 20 years old girl. Patient complained of passage of stool through her vagina. She was continent and had no complaint of constipation. Her examination revealed imperforated anus with functional ectopic vaginal anus. Her surgery was performed in two stages. In first stage, anoplasty was performed at midpoint between the vulval and anal opening. The posterior vaginal wall was repaired in two layers and protective loop colostomy was made. In the second stage, after a period of 3 months loop colostomy was closed. Patient's recovery was smooth, she is not constipated and continent with Wexner score of 3. She was advised pelvic floor rehabilitation exercises. She improved within a month with Wexner score of zero.

Weird right?

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1 Response Dec 13, 2012

<p>&nbsp;<p>What really makes this weird, is that it took so long for her to seek medical help; I wonder why her parents did not notice this shortly after birth.</p>