Who Am I?!!

Its a great question to me.Who am i?I love painting,nature,walking,running,human,God and each every thing ,possibly everyone loves.But i am not you!Then who am i?
A Human?
An Animal?
I wanna know your opinion about yourself.......
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Nurse! it's time for his special tablets!

Me devil cat

i am the reflection in your eyes when you look at me

Good question many have asked the same for millions of years. Some philosophers have been able to answer it through wisdom (love or search for truth.) I am studying that, and I tell you that I also asked me that question and I answer it this way: I am an immortal soul. I'm not, things that I like to do, or the things that I have, I am not even my own body, because all this is temporary, and will eventually die, but my soul is immortal.
Sometimes we mistakenly think that we are our personality, because that's all we know, but it´s not, our personality its just a vehicle to be well conducted, but the problem of the world today, is that personality dominates the soul, we are blinded and unconscious. We do not know that we are slaves of our own personality, for example: "I can not go on a diet", "I am weak and I can not change", "I'm so sorry, these is who i am, and i can not change" ....
We have got used to not fight, to not wanting to be better, just do what our personality wants and rather than be shaped by the soul that is virtuous and seeks the good of us like the others, we forget who we really are.
I'm not saying that our personality is bad but it's like a child who must be educated to behave.

You are great,your comment is a great content.Thank You.I read it many times.i liked

Thanks but I must say that all that I learn in a school of philosophy .. that helps me a lot in my daily life ... and when you want to talk I'll be happy to answer you =)

thank you so very much :)


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Well only u will know

ha ha thanx

Your well come