Native Language

When he died in 1891 John Davey, a schoolmaster of Zennor,Cornwall, UK.
He was the only person in the World that could speak CORNISH.
He had kept the language alive by talking to his cat in Cornish, the cat had a vacant expression as the cat spoke English not Cornish.
Now a days this would be cruelty to animals.

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Poor cat. He already had had to learn English, and now he was force-fed Cornish, which only he and his human friend could understand. At least a female car could have meowed in Cornish to her kittens...Talk about minorities! Great story.,

We was a well fed and well looked after cat that understood three languages, English, Cornish and ***** Cat.

My cats also talk rabbit talk, which is a silent language.

There is a revitalization program to restore Cornish as a language. -