There are over 1,200 species of Bats in the World and not one of them is blind.

So who coined the phrase "Blind as a Bat."
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All bats have very sensitve eyes that are irritated greatly by daylight and as a result do not work well during the days - they do at night. They also use sonic echoing for spacial orientation and to hunt insects - they are not dependent soley on sight to function. The phrase likely came about from people seeing them in day light not being able to function well. Their nocturnal function and skin covered wings lend an erie nature to the animal that is not deserved. They are a wonderful natural control over troublesome insects.

Years ago when on a sailboat race I had to change headsails on the large boat I crewed on. I had a small flashlight set in my mouth to keep both hands free as I went to fasten the tack on the shackle at the base of the headstay. There between the two tangs at the base of the headstay in 1 1/4" of space was a small bat - that was quite irritated at the flashlight in my mouth aiming at it while my hands were busy attaching the sail. It was very dark yet this animal found a safe place to hide on the boat and was quite content to stay there.