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Everyday of your life, no matter where you are always within 10 feet of a spider. Yes, even when you are laying in bed at night. Sweet dreams. :)
1CreativeVirtuosa 1CreativeVirtuosa 46-50, F 4 Responses Jan 20, 2013

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Don't you also end up eating several of them a year in your sleep?

Possibly if you sleep with your mouth open, but I am not sure to be honest.

Its one of those weird facts I read somewhere but I am not about to set up the video and play it back to find out for sure.

I am fascinated with spiders and had a rose hair tarantula as a pet, but no, I am not setting up a video to find out either I would never sleep again, lol.

Indeed, I got bit by one on my eye lid(ouch)...just getting over it...True and things happen.. :) not so sweet that night...

Ouch indeed! Yikes...scary to think a spider crawled onto to your eye and bit you!

I was always told it was six feet so ten feet makes me feel safer.

My son is a giant of a man, and ya know what he's afraid of? haha. Don't tell him that one or he'll NEVER fall asleep!