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"The DNA test results are inconclusive... we're not sure if we're looking at the murderer or the murderweapon"... banana's. :-p

OMG I'm 50% banana O_O

I have a problem loading that page -_-

That's hilarious :))
tnx for the laugh :D

Anytime !

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no wonder i love banbana sandwhiches lol

WAIT! So if bananas have almost the same DNA as us, are we commiting cannabalism??? If so cannabalism is pretty yummie.

just swipe some mayo on it and ur good to go lol

Yup we can disguise it as a sandwhich noone will ever know o.O

I'm more than half bananas...who is Siri? I'm concerned!

Haha Siri is an intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator which works as an application for phones.The application uses a natural language user interface to answer questions, make recommendations, and perform actions for web services.

I don't like it

Im not sure never tried it :/

iphone 4 and up has them.... i think

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I wanna be wizs dealer !

Me to! Whomever makes a lot of money, 10,000 a month? I could survive lol.