30 Real Animals That Broke The 4th Wall

Animals amaze me. Though there are animals who strike me dumb and make my jaw drop. Here's a list of animals that broke the laws of nature.

1. Liger- the cat that ways 1000 pounds and can run 60 miles per hour
2.-pit viper: went more than 2 years without eating. talk about a hunger strike!
3:iron clad beetle : The bug that is very hard to crush
4: the spider that makes 80ft webs 25 times stronger than steel
5:zombie bug: Can survive being in a freezer for more than 3 hours
6:elephant bird: 10ft tall 1000 pound bird, it's eggs were also weigh bigger than an ostrich egg.
7:Japanese crab: The size of a car!
8:20 ft long earthworm
9: lion's mane jellyfish: Biggest jellyfish with tentacles more than 100ft long!
10: Tasmanian devil: Strongest bite of any mammal
11: devil worm: Lives 10,000 ft below us.
12: Clostridium Botulinum: Take one teaspoon and you can kill everyone in the united states. Take 9 ounces and you can kill every single person on earth! God!
13:Jaguar:The cat with jaws so strong, that turtles and crocodiles are in deep trouble
14: immortal jellyfish: That's right they don't die, unless something kills them
15: Amphicoelias: The 200ft long 125 tonned dinosaur
16:titanaboa: the 50ft long 2 tonned snake
17: Whale shark: The 65ft long 35 tonned fish at max
18:bruhathkayosaurus: 130 to 200 tons! Blue whale has a rival
19: stonefish: the most poisonous fish with
20: bullet ant: Most painful bite in the world
21: cassowary: This bird is happens to be the deadliest ninja of the animal kindom
22:hypergiganotosaurus: According to Bob strauss, this dinosaur was so enormous that it's size literally drove it to a premature extinction
23: passenger pigeon: They could cause an eclipse because they flew in flocks of billions, but they were all hunted to extinction
24: quetzalcoatlus: 19ft tall flyer with a 40ft wingspan
25:Blue whale: the biggest,loudest animal with the biggest appetite
26: the parasite that can cause suicides, particularly grasshoppers
27:Spinosaurus: Biggest carnivore that ever lived on land.
28:fishing spider: the spider that can walk on water
Deep Sea Hatchetfish A.K.A. the Fish That Will Eat Your Soul

30: Myrmeconema neotropicum: The roundworm that controls minds, usually ants.

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The poison , the teaspoon one, I think they use that in BOTOX, face lifts etc...